Diamond Solana


Diamond Solana

The peculiarities of Diamond Solana are certainly the view of priceless beauty that sweeps at 360 °, the granite boulders eroded and sculpted by the wind that take shape – the appearance of animals such as the turtle, the lizard, the face of the lion, a woodpecker, it leaves itself to the imagination of those who live there.

The swimming pool set among the granite sculptures that forms a musical key, silently creeps from the outside to the inside, entirely covered in marble, with large relaxation areas, 25 meters long, is equipped with countercurrent as well as heated.

The architect applied the Feng Shui method which, following the laws of nature, teaches man to enjoy the most favorable energies of the space in which he lives.

The hall of the Villa Diamond Solana has large spaces so that the size is never dispersive. The beating heart of this environment converges towards the center, where a steel and crystal fireplace convey the external energy sources.

The furniture is a contrast between the Art-decò table, the holy water stoup from the 1600s, the Tibetan sideboard with leaves lacquered in gold, and a multitude of openings towards the exterior, forming natural squares that colors vary with the change of season.

Clean lines of construction and bright environments make this villa unique in its style and highly communicative under the emotional level.

Kitchen of about 40 square mt. with large terrace facing the winds, paved with the same internal marble, barbecue. Spacious work surfaces allow you to work efficiently and safely.

Master bedroom: excellence and creativity don’t come

Full of charm and refined elegance accessed directly from the hall through a lounge-office; large his-hers wardrobe, complete with everything, illuminated by lights that create a spectacular scenographic effect. The ‘runner’ with two sinks and make-up corner, the orobic color of the marble with its shades give uniformity to the decor of the environment; the runner separates

the spacious emotional shower and the toilet. The second one full bathroom with elegant hydro jacuzzi is located on the right side of the room. The spacious owner suite with double bed Frau, king size, breakfast corner, plus a large private outdoor area with a sea view of the La Maddalena Archipelago.

La Torre – guest house: owes its name to the isolated shape and position, the highest, like a fortification. It is said of a place where one isolates oneself, one departs to devote oneself to intellectual activities, ignoring the surrounding world. The tower, elegant with rigorous architectural lines, actually wants to hide the great refinement of the interiors, wisely calculated between the play of light, huge windows and the airiness of the spaces. The careful use of light and space, thanks to the constant use of huge windows capable of great airiness and sea view, creates a unique feeling of inside-out. In the interior design, natural materials are preferred, the round bed in diamond leather by Frau contrasts with the linearity of the room.

The outdoor area, a large and spacious lawn with centuries-old juniper trees, sundecks, sofas and loungers attract sunbathing enthusiasts enticed by the breathtaking view.

“Stazzo”: it is a typical rural settlement, indicating the farm and the house where the owner lives. Rectangular in shape built from granite blocks and internally divided into a maximum of two rooms. The “stazzo”, consisting of two bedrooms with respective bathrooms.

“Lion Valley Suite”, elegant and balanced in the distribution of volumes, the modern touch, the large windows make the interior lighter and brighter. The pearl-gray fabric of the twin beds in combination with the ivory walls adds effect on impact. A corridor separates the bedroom and the spacious walk-in closet with bathroom and sensory shower, luxury linens, marble finishes, air conditioning. Like the rest of the villa, the interior of the lion valley suite is set to a maximum of lightness. It goes without saying that the outdoor terrace offers plenty of space and excellent sea views.

Diamond Solana

Porto Cervo

8 Bedrooms

10 Bathrooms

Swimming pool